About Us

Here comes the native Indian search engine with a lot more things which you miss on the traditional search engines of the 20th century. Yes, you heard us right “a lot more things”.

When the idea of a native Indian search engine was coined, we at BEFT wanted to add more features but we have made sure that the quality of each feature amazes you whenever you ignite our search engine.

What’s new in BEFT

Of course, we have a bucketful of surprises for you but we know which one to pull first as we all felt the same vibes while using traditional search engines with a lot of annoying ads on our back.


We are from the introvert nation and we greet in silence. In BEFT you won’t be stalked and we store absolutely “ZERO bits” of your data. We don’t take any sorts of user data either mail id’s or mobile numbers and not even the names.

BEFT is a transparent search engine where your search history doesn’t even exist. You’re a complete stranger whenever you use our search engine.


We don’t want to dig all into the digital stuff and confuse you so, here’s our point.

The ads are two types


Annoying Ads

The first ones are okay, we see them all the time and that doesn’t bother us much as it’s just a random Ad.

Here come the Annoying ones, let me give a one liner

you open a traditional search engine and search for “Best places to visit in Delhi”.

All the travel agencies will land on top of your search results begging you to book a flight.

This is not just annoying but it also makes us feel we’re all being stalked on online.

Through BEFT we want to end this and set new standards for user data privacy.